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06/29/16 The Sit Room with Rocci, Scotty and John

June 29, 2016 @ 6:06 am

No one could say that Rocci, John nor Scotty have ever shied away from a good discussion, debate or all-out fist-a-cuff.

In fact, they've even been known to wrangle some of the hard, insane issues in current world affairs and geopolitics.

They are, sort of, the bastard love-children of Albert Einstein and "The Grey Lady;" the wicked "red haired" step-brothers to Jesus and William Butler Yeats. They are Rasputin, Moses and Captain Kirk all rolled into a trio of mutant talk show hosts.

So, tune in, for a haphazardly focused, rollicking good 2 hours of intense talk.



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6/24/16 The Rocci Stucci Show Guests: John Ward & Allen Lardieri

June 25, 2016 @ 2:33 am

Hour 1, John Ward joins the program, as we discuss the Brexit. Hour two, we welcome back Allen Lardieri, and we discuss many hot button topics, we face today.


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6/17/16 The Rocci Stucci Show: Muslim Brotherhood

June 18, 2016 @ 12:20 am

On this episode of the Rocci Stucci show, Rocci starts out with the segment, "Loony NEWS". He then talks about information. How and who do we get it from. WHERE is accurate journalism. He share details on Operation Mockingbird, and how the CIA controls the mainstream media. Plus Rocci talk about guns, and how so many Americans have become blind!

In the second hour, Rocci discusses The Muslim Brotherhood, and how they have infiltrated the United States through civilized Jihad.

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6/14/16 The Sit Room with Rocci, Scotty and John: Orlando terrorist murders

June 14, 2016 @ 10:11 pm

In the wake of the Orlando terrorist murders, The SitRoom falls into deep discussion about how to react to the growing violence, and how to defend ourselves and our nation from further harm - as well as how to stop what appears to have become the “unstoppable.”

Raw, rancorous, realistic talk from Rocci, John and Scotty at a time when the threat is actual, yet our Constitutional Rights are being challenged.

Oh... and we also talk about the efficacy of pooping in the woods.

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6/10/16 The Rocci Stucci Show: Hillary Clinton

June 10, 2016 @ 10:34 pm

President #Obama has just come forward, and endorsed one of the biggest criminals in our political system, #HillaryClinton. After witnessing discussions on social media, in regards to some people thinking Hillary is the best choice for office, I found it time, to bring the truth to the table. In this episode, I share many clips, with the hypocrite, and the change of stances, of Hillary. I also share the names, of all the people that have been connected to the Clinton's in the past, and are now DEAD!

Joining the program in the second hour, is Ron Phillips, from Conservative Talk Radio, and he brings us up to date, of the launch of Red Nation Rising Radio.


Red Nation Rising started four days after Obama's re-election in 2012 from a single Tweet using the #RedNationRising hashtag and three weeks later that was the Number One Twitter trend in the entire World. 24 BILLION Social Media Impressions later, Red Nation Rising is a viral Internet and Social Media phenomenon which has transitioned to serious and effective national, grassroots organization.

There is a libertarian and conservative communications revolution happening on new, digital, social media and it's happening from the bottom up, grassroots, organically.

These can be dark and depressing times, but Main Street USA finally has a competitive voice to traditional mainstream media outlets and it’s screaming at all hours, twenty-four seven, "We want our country back!"

With Red Nation Rising's highly influential Twitter and Facebook presence through its social community, plus a platform which extends beyond the social networks through effective Red Red Nation Rising Chapter Leaders, we have a growing credibility which routinely results in media credentials at major events.

We love working with other groups to wake people and take back America.

In doing so we have brought together great America loving Patriots from both the Internet Talk Radio world, as well as the Terrestrial (AM/FM) Talk Radio world to create Red Nation Rising Radio - The NEW Dominant Force in Conservative Internet Talk Radio!

Jim Lysaght, #RedNationRising Founder / Creator...

Scott James, Owner / Host on WDDQ - Talk 92.1FM, WJHC - Talk 107.5FM and WSFB...

Ron Phillips, Owner of iCRN - Conservative Radio Network...

Gene Berardelli, Host of Behind Enemy Lines...

Donna Fiducia, former Anchor at The Fox News Channel, President of Donna Fiducia Production, and Co-Host of Cowboy Logic Radio...

Don Neuen, Co-Host of Cowboy Logic Radio...

and YOU... The Red Nation Rising Community are the driving force behind Red Nation Rising Radio!

Two separate 24/7 audio streams will deliver the very best in Conservative Talk Radio!

Are you ready?

Red Nation Talk Radio will officially launch at 00:00 hours on July 4, 2016...

The new Red Nation Rising website ( will officially launch at 00:00 hours on July 4, 2016...

The Red Nation Rising Radio Network is the NEW dominant force in conservative Internet Talk Radio!

Spread the word:

And follow us on Twitter @RedNationRising



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