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5/16/16 The Rocci Stucci Show: (Monday)

May 16, 2016 @ 11:36 pm

In hour 1,

  • Hillary is clearly getting desperate for votes. She’s now claiming she’s going to put her fragile, elderly husband in charge of the economy.

    Funny thing, it wasn’t Bill Clinton who made the economy work so great in the 90’s but it was the Republican-controlled congress he was forced to deal with as a result of elections and a huge reality check under Democrat rule.And have you seen or heard Bill Clinton lately? He looks and sounds fragile, as if something is actually wrong with him. His wife is so hated that he has to stump for her. How people can like a serial sexual assaulter like Bill Clinton is pretty egregious in the first place but Democrats don’t have high standards when it comes to candidates.

  • From Breitbart:

    If former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is elected president, she says she plans to put her husband in one of the biggest roles of her presidency.

    “My husband, who I’m going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, cause you know he knows how to do it,” Clinton said at a rally in Kentucky on Sunday according to ABC News. “And especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out.”

    Clinton’s remarks are the strongest signal to date that her election will signal a third term for her husband former president Bill Clinton. Earlier this month, she told voters in Kentucky that her husband would “come out of retirement” to help her restore jobs in areas hit hard by the loss of manufacturing and coal mining.

    And for God’s sake, Democrats are destroying the inner cities and coal country and have been for decades! Are people really ignorant enough to believe the lies that are being power-vomited from Clinton’s mouth?

    That was rhetorical.

    Clearly Hillary realizes she’d not really faring well against an old white Socialist. It’s unclear what is more disturbing – that Democrats support her or that they support Bernie Sanders.

Have you truly ever wondered WHY we have so many special little snowflakes in one generation?

Obviously public education and universities play a big role but the key to these problems lies squarely with their parents.

No, life isn’t fair. No, you don’t get a trophy if you come in last. No means NO.

Of course, you’ll hardly find parents taking responsibility for their precious little unicorns but the ‘fragility is laughable’ as stated by David French in National Review:

It’s hard to doubt that legendarily entitled Millennial social-justice warriors will finally go too far, and not even The Onion will be able to sufficiently parody their aggressive fragility.

Yet in attacking Millennial activists and their administrative enablers, we not only mislabel their malady — they’re not nearly as fragile as they claim — we also fail to identify the real culprits. Snowflakes aren’t spontaneously generated. They’re made, formed largely by parents who’ve loved their children into the messes they’ve become.
The superficial displays of their parental care and caution are there for all to see. Out of exaggerated fear for their children’s physical safety, upper-middle-class mothers and fathers devote themselves to “helicopter parenting,” hovering and doing all they can to smooth the bumps of life, well into their offspring’s young-adult years.

French goes on to discuss how these fragile little snowflakes are also super-aggressive when it comes to social justice and getting their own way.

Seems they are still throwing tantrums like they did with their own parents who gave in to them.

Picture Veruca Salt only multiply it by millions of millennials!

Illegal Immigrants Demand Free Speech Be Curtailed

Georgetown University may become the latest school to prevent free speech and the exchange of conflicting ideas. Except this time it will be prevented by people who aren’t even supposed to be here!

According to Fox News, a student organization calling itself UndocuHoyas is leading a group of about 30 students who are demanding that Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson not be permitted to speak at the Georgetown commencement.

“We should not be forced to receive our diplomas from an individual who is directly responsible for separating our families,” says a letter to the Foreign Service dean. “Therefore, we strongly implore the university to rescind Secretary Johnson’s speaking invitation and take meaningful action to ensure that graduation is an inclusive and safe experience for all members of the Georgetown community.”

Hmmmm…. safe and secure for all members of the Georgetown community? Does that include members of the community who are against illegal immigration and want immigrants to enter the country legally?

2008 graduate Hemly Ordonez, who apparently assisted in drafting the letter, wrote “Johnson’s invitation is an insult to my family, to the myriad of Georgetown alumni from mixed-documented families, and to the undocumented students who are preparing to graduate this month. Graduation is supposed to be a safe, welcoming environment for students and families who have worked so hard to graduate, not a hostile or uncomfortable one.”

Why are there illegal immigrants attending Georgetown University in the first place? They should be identified, arrested and deported in accordance with U.S. Code. The people responsible for separating families are those who break our laws and enter our sovereign nation illegally, not those officials who enforce the laws of our land.

HOUR 2, Recording of the show at the Paradigm Symposium, with Rocci Stucci, Scotty Roberts, John Ward, Jeffrey Daugherty, and Scott Livingston. The madness of ADHD!!! ENJOY!!!

Sit back, and prepare to have your preconceived notions challenged. Think, listen and enjoy.

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