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Definition of stimulus : something that rouses or incites to activity: such as a: INCENTIVE b: STIMULANT sense 1 c: an agent (such as an environmental...View Details

About Jeremy: I believe in GOD FAMILY COUNTRY. In that order. I am a realist and I believe in the people of this country. I believe in the constitutio...View Details

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Not much in the news today... LOL StemFood DONATE: Rocci Stucci: http://Streamin...View Details

In a particularly malicious Tweet, a member of Denver’s City Council showed her approval for a plan to use biological warfare against supporters of Pr...View Details

A Harvey Weinstein juror recalled Tuesday how she cringed when shown naked photos of the portly 67-year-old pervert as part of the evidence at trial. ...View Details

China could effectively shut down America’s healthcare system within months given the one-party state’s “global chokehold” on the manufacturing of med...View Details

Not just the U.S., but the rest of the Western World, alarmingly, over the last 15 years the consistently sharp increases in child mental disorders ha...View Details

For decades, Japanese American activists have marked Feb. 19 as a day to reflect on one of the darkest chapters in this nation’s history. On that date...View Details

Another great conversation covering current and spiritual events... AA in Arts, AA in MN Law Enforcement, BA in Psychology, BA in Criminal Justice, mi...View Details