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7/08/16 The SIT Room with Rocci Stucci, Scotty Roberts and John Ward

July 8, 2016 @ 11:09 pm

Another intense episode of The Sit Room with Rocci, Scotty and John. We cover the Race issue that has plagued this country, the Brexit, and MUCH more!!

No one could say that Rocci, John nor Scotty have ever shied away from a good discussion, debate or all-out fist-a-cuff.

In fact, they've even been known to wrangle some of the hard, insane issues in current world affairs and geopolitics.

They are, sort of, the bastard love-children of Albert Einstein and "The Grey Lady;" the wicked "red haired" step-brothers to Jesus and William Butler Yeats. They are Rasputin, Moses and Captain Kirk all rolled into a trio of mutant talk show hosts.

So, tune in, for a haphazardly focused, rollicking good 2 hours of intense talk.


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