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EBN Special Report Ep.29 Guest Shaun Atkins

January 11, 2016 @ 3:01 am

About Shaun:
Radio Host and author of Squashing Liberalism, Shaun Adkins

Whether it’s up close and personal confrontations with tree-hugging hippies or drawing national attention and garnering a Fox News interview for his heated discussion with a U.S. Senator, people have come to know Shaun Adkins as someone who doesn’t pull punches when the issue is the liberal agenda that’s destroying America.

A dedicated and concerned father, U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and plain-spoken conservative voice, Shaun has always felt someone needed to write a book about how to counter the left’s ideology in the same manner he does…so HE DID!

He’s blessed to be called, “Dad” by his beloved son and a daughter. You could say he’s doubly-blessed, in that he’s also a surrogate father of sorts to two more fine boys, the sons of his loving fiancé and soul mate. The desire for them to have a great future is what drives him.

Born in Livonia, MI (20 miles west of Detroit) in 1971, then moving to the coalfields of southern WV at the age of 5, Shaun hates seeing what has become of the once thriving Motor City as it’s now a reluctant poster-child for what can happen to a city when a liberal/union oligarchy is at the helm for decades.
Shaun has appeared on:
The Fox News Channel & The Blaze

Upon graduating from high school, Shaun followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a U.S. Marine. Continuing his family’s long military tradition, in 1990 Shaun deployed to the Persian Gulf as a young engineer for the entirety of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Though he never took fire while riding in a helicopter with Brian Williams, he credits his time overseas and all of his experiences as a Marine, with preparing him for life in a way few other things ever could have.

Having worked in both the sales and management sides of the building supply industry for over 21 years, becoming the author of a politically charged book was never Shaun’s dream, however, his passion for defending American ideas is something he has always approached with much candor and fervor. His unwavering resolve is exhibited with a “Marine Corps attitude” in everything from social media posts and news interviews to addressing town councils and school boards, firing hard-hitting truths at rallies and forums, and even helping with political campaigns.

Now sit up in your seat and hang on as you begin to experience what defeating liberal progressives looks like through the eyes of an often humorous, sometimes sentimental, always straight forward, and proudly politically incorrect veteran who cherishes freedom and is fighting to revive America.


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