Tuesday 2/02/16

On this episode of "The Rocci Stucci Show" - 4-6PM (central) - the topic dives even deeper into Obama's "changing of the face of America," Federal "land grab" of YOUR RIGHTS!" ANITA HOGE, National Speaker, Expert Witness on Privacy and Data Trafficking, and Education Consultant, joins the boys for an in-depth look at Common Core.

Are you a parent? Do you have kids in school? Are you a taxpayer in a community that has a school? Then this episode will literally have you reeling as it knocks your socks off regarding the complete and total Federal Governmental control that is under the surface of EVERY facet of Common Core and Title One. And you though ObamaCare was a Federal overreach...

LISTEN to "The Rocci Stucci Show," with Rocci Stucci and Scotty Roberts - and, as always, bring your thinking caps, do NOT check your common sense at the door, and wear your big-boy-pants, because this one is going to leave you in disbelief and shock. But it is also going to leave you enlightened with a burning to DO SOMETHING about it.

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