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Medium with a Mission to Save Lives.

What Happens the Day After: Messages from Adolescent Suicides is an embodiment of messages from teen spirits speaking their truths about the unspoken in a way like no other vehicle.

What Happens the Day After tells more than just a tale; it speaks of a universal truth, sadly for hundreds of thousands of teens around the globe. Teen suicide is a silent epidemic which, sadly, is exponentially increasing every year. Through her, the unspoken stories of anger, depression, fear, and anxiety come through with piercing truthfulness.

It is a sharing of parents’ all-encompassing pain, their raw and vulnerable questions and answer-seeking from the depths of their heart. However, Teresa’s book does not stop there. As if the writings aren’t enough to take you through to the depths and heart-tugging trenches of human love, pain, and querying, Teresa’s book delivers so much more.

During her sessions, Teresa St Frances took her clients beyond knowing to enlightened spiritual heights. Teens who have crossed over perhaps seek her out because they intuitively know their messages will be delivered with the utmost of humility and tender-loving care.

The book is a stronghold for change with its deep answer-seeking questioning, affording loved ones left behind some clue as to their universal question of “why.” It provides insights from the teens themselves as Teresa gently, humbly, and energetically extracts the answers so many families seek.

While What Happens the Day After is a collection of stories of teen encounters reaching out to their loved ones as well as offering enlightening and refreshingly honest insights, there’s more. Teresa’s book acts as a springboard to bring awareness to the epidemic known as “Teen Suicide.”

Teresa will use the book as a foundation for reframing the mindset of those she speaks to in order to not only enlighten her listeners but to educate and inform them as well. Her driving passion to be the vessel which delivers these teens’ message is what fills the pages of this book.

Throughout the pages, you will find thought-provoking introspection that will leave you seeking to take inspired action by the reality of these stories.

Teresa is not only gifted, but spirited as well in her calling, purpose, and passion to spread the message and save a life.

“…what do you do when someone speaks with a voice that pierces the veil? What amazing realization comes rushing in when a kid who’s taken their own life finds a way to express why they did what they did, and what they are experiencing on that other plane.”— from the foreword by Jenny McCarthy

Teresa St. Frances has honored the teens, their loved ones, and her calling by filling the pages of this book with their stories, their messages, and her mission.

Teresa St. Frances is an author, psychic medium, life coach, animal communicator and lecturer. She lives with her fur “kids” in Elmwood Park, NJ where she gives private readings and workshops. and my face book page

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