Back in the saddle for another roller coaster of a show. What has poisoned the minds of our youth, and NO, its not our President!! GET YOUR STUCCI'S C...View Details

In her first speech since Joe Biden selected her as his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris told multiple lies. To wit: “The president’s mismanagement...View Details

Cash-strapped Minneapolis, Minnesota, is reportedly demanding that riot-wrecked businesses, including those that were burned to the ground in the prot...View Details

History of 22KILL: In 2012, the Veterans’ Administration (VA) released a Suicide Data Report that found an average of 22 veterans die by suicide every...View Details

Facebook has deleted a large group dedicated to sharing and discussing QAnon conspiracy theories. Motherella, Rocci and Scotty break things down surro...View Details

Wauwatosa, WI – Black Lives Matter protesters vandalized a black Wauwatosa police officer’s girlfriend’s home and fired shots at the officer on Saturd...View Details

A conservative group claimed that students in a California school district were being taught that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. While the school...View Details

Bluemling, a Kosovo and GWOT veteran was discharged with honor, has worked for the Department of Labor and Department of Veteran Affairs. Bluemling ho...View Details

As we enjoy the beautiful birthday for Motherella, we also jump into the realm of manifesting. Does it make us, and how does it break us.....   http:/...View Details

Come and hang out with the boys and we try to swim our way through this crazy world!!   GET YOUR STUCCI'S CIGARS!!! 5 Pack: $47.25 10 Pack: $89.95 ...View Details

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